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March 5th Meeting Notes

March 6, 2012 by admin in Meeting Notes

NOTES from March 5th PYMC General Meeting
Center for Media and Information Literacy at Temple University.

Intro: Name and favorite media of the moment.
• We had a great go-around to hear what folks are watching, reading, playing and listening to…

some highlights to check out include:

Committee Updates:
• Steering Committee report back (Taylor) [notes have been sent to core members]
• P2P March Training and Sunday Supper Planning (Natalia, Antoine):

  • March 18th 6-8:30pm Sunday Supper- Assessing Youth Media –

    Antoine’s house (invite was sent out)

  • March 22nd 10-noon Safe Spaces Training w/Mazzoni Center at WHYY (RSVP to Laura

• Website Profile/Design Updates

  • Organizations, you know who you are, please send your profile IMAGES and CONTENT- you have a one week extension from today!

Logo/Design Update: Design Presentation from Youth Advisory Group and Jeannine Cook. We spent some time hearing about the Design process that has been going on behind the scenes for the last month with a team of 4 dedicated youth from different PYMC organizations. Together, with Jeannine from Positive Minds, the Design team has created sketches based on group work which informed the designs of the following logos:

We are asking you to consider the functionality, message, tone when selecting your TOP 3 logo choices. Please include some description with your selection so we can collect informed notes to bring back to the group for the final stages…
We also had a brief discussion about the tagline, I’m wondering your thoughts on the phrase, ‘Inspiring genuine connections’ as a tagline…
Use the slides #s to refer. Send your comments/selections to laura at:

General Updates:
• Meeting with Free Library re: teen media zone
Kasey and Laura met with Theresa Ramos at the Free Library to hear about the development of the Teen Zone- a ‘you media’ space at the main library. We are going to invite Theresa to our April meeting to learn more about this project and discuss collaboration opportunities…
• Funding opportunities [email sent out about Motorola and Knight grants]
• Youth Media Summit- MAY 8th –organized by the Alliance for Community Media
A few PYMC folks met with PhillyCAM and Sylvia to discuss the youth media summit suggest ideas for speakers, format and topics. The focus of these summits is to bring national attention to youth media work. It is informed and inspired by the Future of Media Report ( which discusses ways that public access and alternative news reporting initiatives are filling the gap for local reporting/news, particularly as it relates to youth.

Since it is hosted during the day, the intended audience is professionals who work with youth, funders, school administrators, government, etc… We discussed the idea of hosting a reception/ evening activity that can be more youth focused, but still capture the momentum of the day… (It would be great to get a committee together to work on that event- and connect it with the website launch- ANY TAKERS??).

Core Members: Operating Principles Final Discussion & Vote
A final approval vote was taken on the Operating Principles. A motion was made and accepted to require that all decisions need a quorum vote for approval.

NEXT Meeting: 1. April 2 9:30-11:30am PYMC General Meeting, Location TBD

Other Updates:
• Art Factory is planning an outdoor talent show in May to showcase citywide talent (performance, video, etc).. more info as the date approaches!

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