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Sunday Supper- Youth Media Assessment

March 20, 2012 by admin in Professional Development

Last night 10 youth media instructors gathered at Antoine’s Urban oasis to watch and discuss student work (and eat lots of amazing home

cooked food!)

The theme for this gathering will focus on ‘lyrical’ youth media assessment.

What do students learn when they produce media?
How does their work demonstrate this learning or not?

We will be watching examples of youth media and discussing how to evaluate the different types of learning that take place when young people produce media. We will begin to develop fun evaluation tools and standard approaches to assessing youth media.

We reviewed 3 pieces:

1. Male and Female, a 2 minute filmmaking exercise shot at the Philadelphia Art Museum during the 2011 Delphi Summer Program. (presented by Laura Deutch)

2. Radio piece from the Youth Study Center (presented by Bruce Shimmel)

3. PSA from UCCP entitled Do you really need a plastic bag? (presented by Natalia Smirnov)

First, we watched each piece without any introduction or context from the presenter.

Then, the group discussed the following questions, again, without input yet from the presenter:

1) What do you see/notice? What kind of learning do you see? Try not to judge… but provide evidence for the kind of learning you’re noticing.
2) What questions do you have about the process, the assignment, the production, the context for this piece?
3) What can you speculate the challenges were for the students throughout the process?

Then the educator shares some responses to these questions and comments and the group reflects together.

This process was informed by a Collaborative Assessment Conference protocol/document which you can read here: Community Collaborative Assessment

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