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April 2nd Meeting Notes

April 4, 2012 by admin in Meeting Notes

April 2nd PYMC General Meeting Notes (abbreviated)
PhillyCAM (699 Ranstead)

17 people in attendance!

Activity Updates:
• Sunday Supper and Safe Spaces Training Report Backs
– Overall, this was a great introductory workshop. We talked about doing a part 2 to the Safe Spaces training that could involve more role play to put into practice the strategies we were learning.
– We also discussed dedicating a Peer to Peer workshop to follow up on the conversation around assessment and evaluating the techniques we used at the dinner.
– Both of these notes will be shared as a blog post on the website. Notes and digital handouts will be sent out shortly as well!
Design Updates / Website Design & Profiles
o Review new logos and feedback
– We looked at revisions to the top logo pics, discussed the different directions and came to agreement on a logo approach! Laura will be working with Jeannine to draft some color options and integrate the Collaborative name below the ‘PYMC’ logo. Hurray! Progress!
o Look at Website templates and content areas
– We did a quick tour of the WordPress template to look at different options for the homepage content and the member profile pages. We started to discuss the balance of creating a consistent PYMC voice on all the pages (via standard sidebar), versus customizing the member pages to have dynamic content (social media feeds for example) in addition to PYMC site-wide content.
– The site is not yet live (but if people want to take a look at it, and give more feedback, let me know and I can set up a login account for you and walk you through the preview mode)
o Admin and updating (login, blog posts, opportunities, calendar events)
– Laura is going to set up an individual meeting with each org to set up a WP account, review the admin features of the site, and work on the member profile pages.
– Meanwhile, Please email Laura with any upcoming events or opportunities, to integrate into the calendar and website.

Media Slam May 8th? What will this look like? What do we hope to accomplish?

– Natalia, Dwight, Beth, Yowei, Nasha and Laura stayed after the meeting to discuss the Youth Media Slam. We confirmed the date, May 8th from 5-6:30pm at PhillyCAM. We discussed parameters for putting out a

call for submissions of media up to 5 mins in length. We plan to select about an hours worth of media to present and have the audience vote on the best from each category (video, mixed media, performance), and seek prize donations to award. We are also seeking 2 youth MCs to host the event. Althea (not present at the meeting, but in a follow up call) asked if there would be youth leadership in organizing this event. Since we already have a lot of the details figured out and don’t have much time, it

would be nice to have a youth leadership team, even if it’s 3-4 people to help advise on this structure, distribution, curation if needed, design of ballot, program, etc.… The main goal of this event is to bring together young people from different programs, neighborhoods, etc to share work and connect with one another.. Laura will be sending the flyer and more info out shortly!

Building Collaborations (program to program) (network sponsored) (1 hour)
• Presentation from Theresa Ramos, Free Library of Philadelphia
– Theresa Ramos spoke about the planning grant through June 2013 (from ILMS/ MacArthur) the Library received to develop a YOUmedia type space at the Main Library: They are still at the beginning stages of considering how to organize the program and the space- there will be internal and external advisory boards and teen focus groups. They are considering having monthly events that are more social and loud… They would like to develop deeper relationships with program providers to design and implement programs in this space over longer periods of time. Meanwhile Theresa offered the spaces they have, and the regular students who attend, if there are people who want to host a program at the library. They also offer meeting room spaces for nonprofits! Theresa can be reached at:

• Presentation from Lora Taub Pervizpour and Jenna Azar from HYPE (Healthy Youth Peer Education Program) at Muhlenberg College in Allentown
– The HYPE team (Lora, Jenna, Tony) presented some background about their work in Allentown:, but they spent most of the time sharing their work on creating digital badges. There is a great overview of this project here:
– The Digital Badge movement has been shaped by partnerships between The Mozilla Foundation ( and the MacArthur Foundation (who has sponsored the Digital Media and Learning Competitions to fund badge development). The idea of digital badges is to create an alternative system for recognizing and assessing learning. Students can earn badges that reflect their after-school learning, job training and online learning. Students can share these badges online, through social media, resumes, and with future employers and on college applications. Through this system, students can build their ‘digital backpack,’ which acts as a portfolio of both hard and soft skill development.
– HYPE is interested in having students asses and demonstrate what they learn, and create new badges to validate that learning. In partnership with EVC (Educational Video Center in NYC), HYPE is interested in creating a badge system that can be used within the Youth Media Field, to standardize, and make visible the learning that happens through youth media work. They will be piloting this project over the summer, and we look forward to checking back with them in the Fall to discuss how PYMC may partner with HYPE to implement this project in Philadelphia.
– [Locally, there are several partners working on the ‘Leverage for Digital On-Ramps’ project that has also received DML Badge funding. Read more info here: //]

Updates/ Upcoming:
• Philadelphia Youth Advocate Program/Goal 500- Seeking opportunities for students as program participants, volunteers, workplace shadowing, training, etc. Contact Sophia Scott if you are interested in having a student placed with your organization as a volunteer, or program participant. Sophia Scott:
• We will not have a meeting May 7, but we hope you will join us on MAY 8th: for the Youth Media Summit, organized by the Alliance for Community Media from 10-4pm at Pierce College.
• We will aim to have a June half-day strategy meeting to evaluate and review our first few months, and start some short term planning for the next year. Laura will be sending out possible dates.
• We received a gracious camera donation from Mural Arts (digital still cameras and 2 Flip camera). I will send out the inventory list, and you can contact Laura if you are interested in borrowing any of these cameras for an upcoming project.
Philly Youth Radio Showcase: April 17th at PhillyCAM. In this series, youth radio reporters investigated their own sanctuaries, looking at what gives their safe
places meaning and puts them at risk. Panel discussion and reception to follow. $5 donation suggested.

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