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Media Slam brings together youth producers from 10 organizations

May 10, 2012 by admin in Collaborations, Events

Following the day-long Youth Media Summit, PYMC hosted the Youth Media Slam at PhillyCAM from 5-7pm. With over 60 people in attendance, a full house of youth media producers and their supporters, we screened 9 videos, 2 audio pieces and 2 live performances. Thanks to Luis of Voices in Power for hosting the evening! If you missed the program, here is the lineup, and the winning videos.. Enjoy!

1. Youth Manifesto (Art Factory, Video)
“Youth Manifesto” is a project A.F interns did introducing themselves and talents, while in an attempt to portray a different idea of youth stereotypes.

2. Criticism (Reggie Coleman, Video)
Criticism is similar to natural selection; the weak will suffer, the strong will survive.
(Big Picture Alliance)

3. Mami, Papi & Me (Shayla Torres, Audio)
An audio piece about going away to college and leaving my grandparents behind. Part of a series on ‘teen sanctuaries’ by Philly Youth Radio.

4. This Life (Angel Rocasio ‘Ayen”, Mixed Media)
One Must Change to Survive…. (Jump Out City)

5.This I Believe (Kaysie Stickland, Mixed Media)
This piece sheds light on my personal discovery of and beliefs about the power of real-life stories. As well as how beneficial I believe documentaries are to society and the world.

6. Don’t Chase Your Dreams (Sinclair Whiteman “Yung Dollaz,” Performance)
I made this song called “Dont Chase Your Dreams” because you shouldnt chase your dreams, you should live them and the song is base on the world, things I see and things I learned from my life to better myself.

7. Secrets Untold (South Philly VP Crew, Video)
A young boy must make a moral decision to help someone else, however, in the conclusion of the video his morals are challenged as he is faced with a choice that can possibly change his entire life. (Education Works)

8. Got Emotion? (Rough Cut Productions, Video)
Students were tasked with getting an audience to feel, express or witness an assigned emotion within one minute. (Science Leadership Academy)

9. Love Language (Carlin Michel,

This is a remake of the well known video, Love Language. I added my own personal twist to the video. (SEAMAAC)




10. Breakin it down: Rap Videos (POPYYN, Video)
Lynsey Graeff spent many days in the Hip-Hop research laboratory (a.k.a. watching YouTube!) to discover the essential components of mainstream rap videos. Can you guess what they are? She also hypothesizes on why the images promoted by our favorite artists are often so negative or superficial. *VOTED ‘MOST THOUGHT PROVOKING’

11. His Fist is Bigger than Love (Shakita Glover, Video)
A girl understanding of what is love and what is not love. (YES Philly)

12. Burr Nation (Saeed Briscoe, Video)
West Catholic high school on the verge of closing mid February 2012. My video submission captured the perspective, and feeling of west catholic students who
were likely to be affected by the schools closing.

13. Five Letters of Poison (Luis Marrero, Performance)
This poem was written on behalf of my little brother who is a victim of childhood bullying. That is a third of the reason I started my organization Voices In Power “We are only heard if we speak”. I believe this poem is a powerful message to our youth that they are not alone and should speak up and tell their story. (Voices in Power)


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