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Media Slam inspires South Philly VP crew to step it up!

June 19, 2012 by admin in Media Samples

Jenielle Cook, instructor at Education Works writes: “After attending the Slam my students were truly inspired by the experience to say the least. Immediately they wanted to start a new project

which represented themselves in a positive light, but also gave a message that many could relate to. “Little Dancer,” is a student produced song and video by South Philly HiSTEP student Vincent Taylor.

The overall theme for the South Philadelphia HiSTEP this school year is “Next Level” and Video Production students have embodied this concept 100%. This year Video Production students, aka The VP Crew, started from the roots of video production and used all of the skills that they learned to create “Next Level” projects.

The Video Production students began their journey by learning the most crucial lesson every great producer must know: that it’s okay to make mistakes. In the

beginning of the year VP students were instructed to

go out into the space and shoot whatever their hearts desired. However, they soon discovered that while they were good, there was massive room for improvement. Through teambuilding exercises the student’s videos begin to improve drastically. Instead of straight on shot of kids fighting in the hallway, the videos transformed into high quality short films that included varying shots, angles and cuts.

Moving forward, the VP crew plans to continue creating “Next Level” projects, including their first music video “Little Dancer” by HiSTEP student Vincent Taylor, while also attending several conferences and youth festivals to present their work. This year has been a brilliant journey that in reality is only the beginning. “Thanks to video production, I have more confidence outside of EducationWorks.” Says Geoffrey aka Yaffy, a 12th grade student who recently passed his senior project with a standing ovation. #NextLevel

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