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Edison High School students tackle litter in their community

August 10, 2012 by admin in Media Samples

Edison High School EducationWorks students have started a Movement. Inspired by the Philadelphia Streets Department’s UnLitter Us Campaign, the Edison YouthWorks students have decided to bring attention to THEIR

neighborhoods environmental needs and MAKE A CHANGE IN THEIR COMMUNITY.

How Can We Promote Eco-Friendly Lifestyles To A Community That Faces Socio-Economic Challenges such as: Poverty, Low Education, Crime, and HIGHLY LITTERED STREETS? This is the driving question that Edison Youth Workers have been working on answering for their Summer Project Based learning assignment. Their answer: CLASH MOBS. The Edison High

YouthWorks students are out to make a statement and more importantly make a change in their community and their city through music, dance, and unity.

Special thanks to: UnLitterUs, Edison High School YouthWorkers, Ricardo, Instructors Amanda and Esteban and Media Specialist Jenielle.

Story submitted by Jenielle Cook, Media Specialist at EducationWorks

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