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SLAM Program now online!

February 2, 2013 by admin in Feature, Media Samples

In case you missed our latest media SLAM on January 18th, we are happy to share the program with you so you can experience this great diversity of voices producing work throughout the city. Enjoy! The full program was video recorded, and we hope to make that available soon.

1. My Life in a Day (Rachel Pallmeyer, Sisters Action Media Project)
This is a short, experimental film that I made in hopes to capture the highlights of my school day. 4 mins

2. Project 2012: Education Apocalypse (Art Factory, YUC, and PhillyCAM)
The project features a docu-music video that explores the current state of the philadelphia school system and how the closing of schools throughout the city will effect students, teachers and communities. 12 mins

Project 2012: Art Factory from PhillyCAM on Vimeo.

3. Gone (South Philly VP Crew, Education Works)
This is the fourth video in a four part series titled “GONE” it’s a thriller/horror video. 3 mins

4. School Spirit (Dulcinel

Nunez, Voices in Power) * not currently online
This poem is about the nature of school shootings and their relation with bullying, mental health, and the media. 4 mins

5. Anti-Bullying (Carlin Michel, SEAMAAC)
This film hopes to create more awareness of bullying. 9 mins * not currently online

6. I Love Being Me (Anissa Cooper, Lil Filmmakers)
3 girls. 1 voice. Speaking to all types of young girls around the world, self empowerment is the key to success and happiness. Love being you. 2 mins

7. This is Who I Am (Clarence Grimes, Big Picture Alliance)
It’s a short film portraying the common stereotypical things said and or implied that I do on a daily basis. 2 mins

8. KACHINA LIVE (Kachina Pindell)
Live vocal performance of Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” performed by Kachina. 5 mins

9. Adulthood (Andre Reed, WHYY)
This video is a documentary that takes

a look into what adulthood really is about. 7 mins

“Adulthood” | WHYY Public Media Commons from Sarah Kaizar on Vimeo.

10. Introduction to Motherhood (Markysha Crosby, YESPhilly) *not online
I think that my work reflects my life and historical being. It shows how I have learned to use specified challenges to motivate me to aspire for more and believe in myself to achieve success. 2 mins

11. Life’s Struggles (Khalil Tree, YESPhilly) *not online
This piece is basically about a struggling young man with life problems and a family that looks to him for advice and support. 2 mins

12. Mommas Baby Do Cry (Brittany Crawford, YESPhilly) *not online
It’s a sad

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story about what I went through when my mom was sick. 2 mins

13. Forgive and Forget (Inner Power Records, Project HOME)
Forgive and Forget is a song about the average teen with a conscious, dealing with issues either to resolve a conflict or take it head on. In this video the character chooses to resolve the conflict by making a positive decision. 4 min

14. Light (Michelle Saul-Yamasaki)
The music is written by Jeremy Dean Harrison and the video was produced by Michelle and was made in hopes of creating synergy away from imperfection and towards the actualization of the human potential. 4 mins

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