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February 5, 2013 by admin in PYMC Supported Projects

PYMC is excited to support Art Factory’s events related to their Youth Art and Rebellion Show. Read their proposal below! Stay on the lookout for Closing event activities and blog posts reporting back from the successful opening reception!

In a few sentences, outline the proposed activity.

Norris Square Neighborhood Project (NSNP) is requesting support for Art Factory, a creative skills development program for youth ages 14-21 years old designed to increase access to both art creation and exhibition as career paths within the local community. Art Factory will be partnering with Goldilocks Gallery to present “Youth and Rebellion,” a multimedia (video, sculpture, music, painting, etc.) art exhibition. For the show, Art Factory will curate and produce original works to be displayed in the gallery. Art Factory will collaborate with other youth artists and organizers (i.e. Youth United for Change) to produce the show. Near the end of the exhibition period, Art Factory youth and other youth who have submitted material to the show will host a gallery talk to discuss their work, creative process, and themes relating to youth art and rebellion more broadly.

2. How will this stipend help support this activity?

The stipend would go toward covering costs for event materials, such as video equipment, tables and seats, promotional flyers, and refreshments. It would also help with transportation costs for Art Factory’s youth and their work from Art Factory, in Kensington, to the gallery in Center City. NSNP would also like to provide tokens to youth beyond Art Factory and show participants, such that other youth organizations and programs will be able to afford bringing their youth to the art exhibition.
3. How will youth benefit from this activity?

Youth will benefit by honing their creative skills. They will be producing work for a large, diverse audience, and will be able to receive feedback from a variety of perspectives. This will occur during the opening reception for the show and during the subsequent youth gallery talk. In turn, both events will also provide youth with the opportunity to network and build partnerships with other youth and art organizations within Philadelphia. The relationships that youth will be able to form with others, along with the event itself, will provide an outlet for youth voice. Youth will also develop administrative skills, as they will be responsible for coordinating the logistical elements of this event.

4. Will youth be involved in the planning of this activity?

Youth in Art Factory determine themes and chosen media for all of their exhibitions, and will be involved in the planning of this event at every level. Once youth have chosen the event’s theme, then Althea Baird, Art Factory Director, will facilitate the creation of the artwork as needed, either with technical instruction or an introduction to new methods. Althea will lead performing and multi-media arts instruction and recruit teaching artists for visual art instruction. Throughout this process, youth will take the lead in learning and performing the promotional, logistical, and creative tasks needed to execute a successful gallery show.

5. How will the documentation and results of this project be shared back with the PYMC community?

The PYMC community will be invited to attend and collaborate with Art Factory for the event. There will be photo and video documentation during the show. After the opening reception, Art Factory youth will create a short “how to” video guide for other youth organizations, detailing each step they took in executing the show. They will reflect on what worked and didn’t work in the process, and how similar efforts could be improved in the future. In addition to distributing this video online through NSNP and PYMC’s networks, Art Factory’s youth will host a workshop some time after the event to share their insights with other youth, as well as receive external feedback.

6. What is your proposed implementation date?

The proposed implementation date is the first weekend in February, and this will be a multi-step process. First, Art Factory will issue

a call for work to other artists in January. Meanwhile, they will promote the event through word of mouth, the distribution of flyers and utilizing social media, leading up to the gallery show. Artwork and installations will be set up roughly a day or two before the actual show. After the show, Art Factory youth will have an internal meeting to evaluate how the show worked and/or didn’t, and what lessons have been learned for planning their next art exhibition, in addition to soliciting feedback from audience members in attendance.

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