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March 13th Strategic Meeting Notes

March 19, 2013 by admin in Meeting Notes

On March 13th, 2013 PYMC held a strategic planning meeting at TUCC from 10-noon, co-facilitated by Kasey Thompson

Their were 19 people in attendance

from the following organizations: Lil Filmmakers, Philadelphia Student Union, Free Library of Philadelphia, Scribe Video Center, Center for Media and Info Literacy, PhillyCAM, Community Collaborative of Philadelphia, Positive Minds, People’s Emergency Center, Big Picture Alliance and Norris Square Neighborhood Project. Special Shout out to Phremen Audio Studio Academy and Junior Music Executive for coming out for the first time! … and we were joined by 3 members of the PYMC Youth Committee.

Some updates from attendees included:

  • Philadelphia Student Union is about to start a month long training for its radio program and newsletter
  • Junior Music Executive is looking for interns interested in the music business- visit their site for details!
  • Center for Media and Education Literacy is busy planning their national conference in July.

Project Stipend Updates!

  • PYMC supported closing events of Art Factory’s Youth Art and Rebellion Show. With our extra support they were able to bring out participating artists to talk about their work and they are in the process of creating a how-to event-planning video for other youth artists.
  • Don’t delay, if you are a core member of PYMC, start brainstorming with your staff and consider collaborating with other members to try out a new project!

Peer to Peer Events

  • PYMC is organizing a Philly Tech Week event, titled Ignite Philly Youth Media on Thursday April 25th from 7-9 at PhillyCAM. There are still a few spots for presenters left- we hope to have 8-10 projects represented! Contact Laura at if you’re interested.We will have a planning session for all presenters the week of April 1.RSVP via eventbrite to reserve your ticket!

Notes from Strategic Brainstorming- Evaluating goals and projects to date:

We did a group activity to evaluate different audiences that PYMC reaches to evaluate how effective we have been at reaching particular audiences ( Youth- both in programs, and part of the broader community, Programs – youth media and other, Teachers and Schools, Parents, and general community stakeholders). The findings were:

Ratings demonstrated that meeting participants felt Youth participating in member programs are most important to PYMC’s mission, with Members Programs being a close second. However, progress to date has focused slightly more on programs than on youth. Priority activities discussed below reflect this trend.

1. GOAL: Maximizing and Aligning Resources

  • Encourage members to apply for the project stipends by sharing success of other proposals, and helping brainstorm project ideas. Recommendations/ feedback on proposals very helpful. Conduct more formal outreach to promote availability.
  • Weekend convening/Summit that is youth-focused – more hands on, open to all ages. May produce something at end (like flash festival) &/or have less intensive products (zines, comics, maker thing)
  • Create an affinity diagram/visualization of the ways that members are connected to reveal potential points of collaboration.
  • Create standing list of potential collaborative projects + Members write up what already doing, what would like to do more – to also serve as reference for funding search.

2. GOAL: Increase Visibility

  • Website is good, but has been more directed to program facilitators. Increase focus of that + social media efforts on increasing youth participation.
  • Consider hosting events at schools to target large audiences in different neighborhoods
  • Consider inviting a special guest/master class to bring together youth from different programs. Big name speaker.
  • Consider the use of ‘youth media’ as a term-do people understand it? identify with it? reflect with youth committee if there is better language to use.
  • Discuss with Youth Committee potential themes for city-wide project
  • Connect more strategically with groups that already have a presence in schools like EdWorks (& National Writing project).
  • Add social media feeds to PYMC member profiles to keep content up to date

3. GOAL: Foster Communication and Collaboration

  • Encourage PYMC mtg attendees to debrief with staff and spread the word
  • Consider how to reach students in THEIR neighborhoods…maybe a traveling PYMC showcase or info that can be shared with students to enroll them in programs.. mini-events or a tour?
  • Identify ‘Tastemakers’ – youth who have a following already- make connections with the young people who have strong networks
  • Seek out PRESS, Inquirer, mass media outlets
  • Create a list/directory of youth media programs

4. GOAL: Professional development /field building

  • Motivating agencies to take the lead running peer to peer trainings- Perhaps some sort of incentive; Trainings are rotated among the collective
  • Invite students to sit in on meetings for youth feedback.
  • Research training and workshop formats:1 group presents to all; multiple groups collaborate to present to the collective
  • visits and tours of partners
  • facilitating workshop around a certain skill set
  • use the OST conduit to connect with in-school and after school programs to connect these programs to media technology.
  • Checking in to learn from youth media in other cities
  • create a travel fund ( university interns to do some fundraising.)
  • Utilize webinars and podcasts?
  • Regional youth media and conference symposium
  • Engage colleges and universities

NEXT Mtg, WEDNESDAY APRIL 10th 10-noon. Location TBD


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