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over 20 young artists and perfomers featured in Mashed v.1

March 23, 2013 by admin in Events, Feature

In case you missed the FANTASTIC lineup showcased on March 22 at PYMC Youth Committee, first MASHED event. Here is the full program with contact info:

SET 1:

Aaricka Anderson

Aaricka and Andrea Anderson were born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. They are both currently in the same performing arts group named Check Twice, who travels around the city, performing shows that advocate safe and healthy lifestyles. Both girls have been singing their whole lives and though their love for performing arts differ on some level, they both love to encourage and inspire other people through their art form.



Bernard M.W Conner & Terrell Williams

Bernard Conner (Alias:N.A.R.Derange. Alter Ego: B. KompleX) is a very talented lyricist who displays aggressive wordplay yet with a conscious message embedded in each verse. Born in Philadelphia, Germantown 10/14/94, Bernard started writing lyrics at the of age eleven when he heard Lose Yourself by Eminem. His first audience was his mother and little brother. He later got used to rapping in front of people. He would listen to Rock and Rap music while in his room isolated from the outside world.

T is a rap artist (born September 24, 1995) from Phila Pa. Better known as Rell-I-Vent. His first memorable experience with music occurred in school when he was 12. A bunch of his friends rushed into the cafeteria beating on the table and all started to rap, and there he found out he had skill and from that point on would work further to better his craft at rap, or as he calls it “speaking his mind.” His influence is none other then all American talented Dwayne Carter a.k.a

(Lil Wayne) of Young Money Cash Money Records.

Contact Information: for bookings, social media, etc// Email: // Facebook: // Instagram: @innerpowerrecords // Youtube:
Google Voice: (267) 225-4727

Warner Burton: I’m a young man making a start in Philly. I want to to make a carear out of my music and change Hip hop forever. Music is my life and I try to tell a story in all of my verses. Contact- Email:, // Facebook: Warner Burton, Instagram: b_fn_nasty, Twitter: @burtonwarner

Vita and the Woolf:
We are a folk/electronic pop band from West Chester PA. We are inspired by rocking dance beats with synthy melodies, as well as crisp, tight vocal harmonies.

Jennifer Pague- Lead Vocals, Synth, Guitar
Mollie Caitlin Brigid- Vocals, Fiddle
Gregg Hesselton- Bass Guitar, Drums
Ben Grim- Vocals, Guitar
Brad Davis- Vocals, Drums
Devon Dadoly- Vocals, Tom Drum
Contact: Jennifer Pague // C: 484 467 4904 //


Jamarr Hall

Jamarr Hall, 21 year old Philadelphia native, is a poet, actor, director, comedian, singer and songwriter. Contact // Email: // Phone: 267-226-4861

Dalisha Glover

Da-Lisha Glover // 23 year old young woman writing to inspire the people, our young women especially. Writing since 15 she is now sharing her word for the first time with Mashed.

De’Vonna Debeary. My name is De’Vonna I write poetry, and I model. I’m also into volunteering for things. Contact: 267-270-6303 //


Party Rock Dance Crew

Donny Baker & Party Rock Dance Crew

Tonnie Howard is a Hip-hop artist from North Carolina who is repping Philadelphia. Most people call him

T.o.N.E , he expresses himself through the music because of how it makes me feel. It is a honor to be apart of the mashed event. Contact Number:(215) 954-6800 // Facebook: Tonnie Howard // Sound Cloud: T.o.N.e


Vincent Taylor. VIdeo: Little Dancer. This is a colorful, bright, and full of joy video created by Vincent Taylor and South Philly Video Production Crew. In additional to that, this is an original song written and arranged by Vincent Taylor and South Philly HIstep Music Production Crew. Vincents intention for creating was to encourage individuals to BE FREE TO BE THEMSELVES….”There’s a little dancer inside of all of us” -Vincent Taylor.

William Robinson

William Lee Robinson III, also known as, Lyrikal is a 23 year old father stating the the facts of poverty in the ghetto. He trys to get people to see the world through his eyes by inspiring adults and the youth through his poetic lyrics of hip hop. Business Number: (267) 773-0030 // Facebook: Ayat Son

Raquel Johnson. Real Talk Video. This is a video created and directed by Raquel Johnson and Fredna Francois. This video highlights Racial Profiling from students and adults perspectives.

Tamaya Magruder

Tony Crush. Tony Crush started in 2007 as a designer and later entered empire hair school to take on what he sees as his way putting his twist on Fashion and Hair… Part owner with mother Linda Moore @Xtremely Blessed Hair Boutique the home of Xtreme Edge… Where elegance meets edge located @3400 N17th St.

Tamaya Magruder. I welcome you all into my love for art! My outlet is makeup. I’ve been doing makeup for 3 years now, and I’m ready to take on the world and introduce you all to the artist that is me! I look forward to meeting and learning from each and every art form you all have to offer. I am from Philadelphia, Pa., but I don’t want my journey to stay here but to be all over the world! I live and breathe what I do and I have a purpose to fulfill within my craft! I’m excited to see where this journey will take me. I’m just an artist with a brush and a dream ready to live my reality. Contact Info:1. // // // 267-408-3320 //


Koby Murphy

Koby Murphy is an inner city youth of Philadelphia, with a dynamic presence on his records. His meekness in person allows you to relate to him even deeper due to his humility and articulate representation of his world views and life experiences. Folks can contact me through the following: Koby Orlando Murphy on Facebook, @KobyMurph on Twitter, Via email at, and you can hear more music at

Mark Lawana

Mark Lethialous Lawana: I am a Hip Hop Artist from North Philadelphia and a leader of a world wide collective of performers and artist ranging from graphic designers to actors called N.S.D (North Star Departure). EMAIL NORTH STAR DEPARTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION // NSD215@GMAIL.COM// N.S.D FACEBOOK PAGE – // For More Music From Mark Lawana // FOR MORE N.S.D MUSIC

Alaisha Jackson

Alashia Jackson is a 13 years old, honor student who participates

on the step team at school. Her and her friends are cheerleaders who want to show people the creativity that we use as a unit to Step and dance.

Kemar Jewel


Kemar Jewel, a native from Jamaica, is excited to be performing at MASHED! Jewel is the director of an award-winning runway troupe known as Eclipse that has been featured in shows all throughout the city, state, and the east coast. Eclipse combines runway, fashion, music, dance, and a story-line to wow the crowd every time! Email: // Phone: (267) 908-5501 (Call or text)

Brittany Jones: Hello my name im brittany jones im 24 of age and im an a aspiring fashion designer. I have my first up and coming jacket line called dumb stupid. beside fashion im a real big fan of art from poetry/spoken word, fine art, graffitti anything that deal with art im interested in learning more. Im a creative person overall, who enjoys respect, and understand art!! Cell phone number 215-694-4014

My name is Caitlyn Warakomski, I am a Junior at Temple University. I have always had a love for photography, design and basically anything creative. I have a strong passion for fashion and personal style. I aspire to work in the magazine industry whether it is in the art, editorial or fashion department. CONTACT: (cell) 609-424-7682 // email: //


Digital Photography by Kelsey Degnan:







Melissa Jones “I don’t want to be known as a Fashion designer because I make a large variety of items not pertaining to just that. I never wanted to limit myself to one genre of art. I kind of just move to the beat of my own drum. Hopefully people will appreciate that.” / Company name: GangstaTurtles // Contact info: // 215.460.5194

Hasinah Rahman I sell homemade jewelry and other accessories. // //

Rasheedah Brockinton. I have an customizing line call “2Fly2Care_Collection”. I Customize everything from hats to footwear. I’m also coming out with a t-shirt line. Everything I do is for the love of fun of fashion. //

Nia Miles-Neverson: Art Is My Passion ! I Have Lots Of Visions & I Love Putting Them Into Action. All Of My Pieces Are Uniquely Hand Made & The Prices Are Fair. I specially make and design, little girl’s tutus, socks, headbands, accessories, jewlery boxes and diaper cakes for both genders. Visit Nia’s Fab Creation (Facebook Page).

Jamie Harris: I make and sell accessories inspired by Japanese Street fashion. My designs are very distinctly girly and colorful. The materials I use include (but are not limited to) ribbon, rhinstones, colored aluminum chain, crotchet, fabric, lace, and lots of ruffles. I was born in Philadelphia and returned to live her three years ago. I began designing as an attempt to work through my depression. I began putting all my frustration, all my fear, my disappointment and every other negative emotion I had lingering inside of me, into my designs. I wanted to take all of the ugly, and recycle it into something that would make others around me happy, and when I wore my designs, it did. After encouragement from family and friends I opened an online store.

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