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Local film students get industry experience on Feature Film set

April 12, 2013 by admin in Collaborations, Feature
An update from Teri Yago-Ryan, Executive Director of the Big Picture Alliance regarding the experience of students working on the feature film, The Stream last summer:

I’m passing along some information I just received from our friends at Chicago-based Dreaming Tree Films/Foundation, producers of “The Stream” – the low-budget feature film that our Delphi Summer Teen Media program and BPA REELFIlm Experience/Summer at Arise Academy students worked on last summer in August! Also, I arranged for a second full week where our fellow colleagues from member organizations of the Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative could

enjoy the same opportunity! So we had a “PYMC week” on the set of The Stream where students from PYMC member organizations worked alongside the pro’s.

The film is still in post (no surprise…) it looks like they have some dangling costs to cover so they can get it wrapped, then it will be delivered over to Regal Cinemas for release.

PYMC is super proud of all of our students who participated on this production!

The Producers were calling me asking if our kids could return for additional weeks of the shoot because according to the crew (did I mention union?), that our students were “more than set-ready, they made our lives easier because they already know so much!”

I am certain this is the first of many more opportunities we’ll be bringing BPA and many PYMC students for years to come. I’m so pleased too that together, we ARE creating positive change and on-set job apprenticeships for the youth we serve.

The information is below and please pass it along to anyone who you think can support our students work.
Again, ALL student participants will have a CREDIT in a FEATURE FILM! How cool is that?

We’re changing the game friends – one young filmmaker, one young, on-set apprentice at a time!
I’m copying our wonderful friends at the Film Office on this note too, since we have them to thank for the initial connect! Sharon, Joan, Nicole and everyone at the Film Office – huge thanks! Let’s get more of our kids on local sets right here in Philly!

Looking forward to continuing to do great work together and here’s to celebrating our great students! (see info below to support the film on indiegogo…)


p.s. when it finally is released thru Regal (I’ll of course send dates/times when I receive them) let’s plan on attending the premiere together and get some buzz about our great youth!

The official site for The Stream just launched at

The Stream, now has its own IMDB profile! Check it out here:

Ok – so here’s the deal. We’ve still got to pay the narrator (could be happening within 2 weeks!) Need to finish sound design, license the 80s music and do a bit of color correction (darn sunlight during a rainstorm). So, we need your help. It’s a purchase with a purpose — or maybe you have friends who want their name in the credits with you? Or that’ll just support your film?
Our ask…. You ask 20 friends each to buy a DVD or otherwise support the film by April 15th. Doable?

I.e. “please go to: and help support my film and support kids in need”

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