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Lil Filmmakers close to wrapping production on their latest feature film, Erudition

August 11, 2013 by admin in PYMC Supported Projects

PYMC is excited to support Lil Filmmakers in the completion of their 5th feature length film. Read their full proposal below and take a few minutes to watch the trailer.

Lil Filmmakers will be filming our 5th major movie project, Erudition this summer. Erudition is a dramatic story that examines a war weary society after a new leader, with an unorthodox approach to ending violence and poverty, was elected to power. When the newly elected government manipulates its citizens by making books, independent thinking and creativity illegal, an underground resistance of artists and thinkers rise from the ashes to fight for freedom of choice.

The PYMC $1,000 stipend would give the teens involved in the project an opportunity to shoot a short behind the scenes documentary. The video would serve as an exposé on youth involved in film arts in Philadelphia and how their movie’s storyline is relevant to the issues that affect them today. The stipend will also help us to purchase much needed resources such as props, transportation, production supplies, costumes and food.

The youth in Lil Filmmakers conceived the project in 2011. Our youth are fully involved with the development of the movie including: research, writing, pre-production, production, and post-production planning. Overall, we look to complete filming principle photography by the end of the summer 2013. We are preparing for our first annual Lil Filmmakers’ Film Festival in Philadelphia and will premiere Erudition, in December 2013.

This project benefits all of the youth who are involved. We have our core group of 12 teens who are the main cast and crew. We also have 20

additional youth working as supporting cast and extras, production interns and volunteers. Every aspect

of production will be managed by the teens under the guidance of the Lil Filmmakers’ staff. We have developed peer workshops and activities that will allow our veteran Lil Filmmakers to work as mentors to our new interns, actors and volunteers on the project. Teens will be given the opportunity to learn video production and utilize their skills on the project.

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