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August 20th PYMC General Meeting notes

August 21, 2013 by admin in Meeting Notes

PYMC meeting notes // August 20th, 2013 @ PhillyCAM

As always, it’s exciting to have new attendees at our meetings… some highlights from our new/er attendees include:

  • Shout out to Chris Rogers for his new position as the Media and Tech coordinator at Green St Friends School.
  • Welcome Amy Stornaiulo, Assistant Professor at PENN, GSE, and recent Bay Area transplant with extensive youth media experience to share.
  • Also welcome to Sarah Milinski, recent transplant from Baltimore, where she coordinated programming and worked as an instructor at Wide Angle Youth Media for 5 years. We are excited to have Sarah as part of our Philly youth media community.

We spent the majority of today’s meeting discussing activities and a structure for the November 9th convening.

We started with this basic agenda and then built out ideas from this framework:

Date: Saturday November 9th, 2013

  • Possible Locations: PhillyCAM, Classroom space available at 7th and Market. UARTS? // Library??
  • Goals for attendance 100-150 people?
  • Time: 10-5 (include lunch). Consider evening


  • Goals: Raise visibility of PYMC for Philadelphia youth, strategic partners, educators and community stakeholders. Provide spaces for skill share, networking opportunities and professional development.
  • Key Consideration: How can this public event strengthen and represent the mission/vision of PYMC for new audiences and help build partnerships / strategic relationships for future sustainability of the network?
  • Primary Audience: Youth ages 13-24, youth media educators, program staff

Possible ideas/framing:

  • Skill share
  • Master class- up your game- finishing and polishing your work
  • Preparing your work for distribution – can we invite any youth social media hotshots?
  • Invite media professionals – ideas?
  • Invite groups from out of town- Wide Angle Youth Media, Youth Channel, NY (MNN)- have a regional plenary discussion or workshop?
  • Parallel workshops for educators – youth development- curriculum design
  • Connecting classroom teachers to youth media professionals? (offer ACT 48 credit- via WHYY)
  • Connected learning hack jam?
  • How to connect to larger networks with education/school district, city-wide movements (school reform, ostrc? Youth development, tech community, STEM)


  • How to involve a wide range of PYMC network organizations and community supporters?
  • What is the role of the youth planning committee?
  • Best way to document?
  • How to create spaces for youth and adults to come together?
  • Do we have a theme or mini tracks/different working spaces?


  • AUG – Brainstorm structure, events and activities // consider audience, who do we want to be ‘at the table?’
  • SEPT– send invitations to speakers/orgs to present, confirm locations, activities, solicit partners and sponsors
  • OCT – outreach! PYMC network, schools, existing networks of teachers, parents, community leaders
  • NOV 9 – Event

There are few categories of activities which are starting to take shape

Professional Development for instructors:

  • How to integrate media into the classroom (with a focus on all ages, general concepts- including instruction on activity ideas and tools )
  • How to use social media for storytelling (MMP recently held a workshop on this topic- we might reach to them?)
  • Other professional dev topics might include… your ideas here ____________

Production/Learning space:

IMG_2097 IMG_2101 IMG_2103

Some models/examples include: Maker Faire (like recent Free Library Space) / ‘DiscoTech’ space (Allied Media Conference), Maker Party/Hive Pop up


  • Big open space where different production activities can be taking place- different groups can host ‘stations’ – might include live audio recording, animation, green screen, fashion/e-textile design, coding/web-design, build a small radio /speakers …

Resource/info space for youth and parents

  • Tables with info/reps from youth media programs
  • Invite reps from art/media programs to look at portfolios, or share tips for putting together a portfolio (Moore, Uarts, Phila University, Art Institute, CCP?, WCU, Temple)

Other considerations:

  • How to document and have designated social media/documentation team (illustration //
  • How to involve parents- is that a goal?
  • How do we connect/address the school crisis through our work?
  • Who do we want at the table? Invite special speakers, community leaders to be participate?
  • Include a large map to crowd source info about existing programs in neighborhoods, which would lead to the production of a small publication and online directory // Media Toolkit!

What do we call it??

  • PYMC Mashed Media Conference/Convening/ Gathering
  • Create- Connect- Collaborate
  • Youth Media in action
  • Your idea here, no really… we want to hear your ideas!
Proposed Flow of Day:
  • Registration
  • Opening mixer ice breaker activity that involves mapping/visualizing our work


  • ‘Messy Maker’ space open- groups will be invited to offer different hands-on activities in the space throughout the day.
  • Panel/Break Out sessions for educators. How to integrate media into the classroom/ align with common core standards? Introduction to media tools – hands on time to practice.

12:30-1:30 LUNCH – power hour. 5-minute presentations showcasing different organizations, case studies…

both youth speakers, program coordinator, city leaders, educators, out of town invitees. (like the ignite talks, but with a more open structure)


  • ‘Messy Maker’ space continues
  • Info tables with Youth media program info as well as college/university media/arts program info with invited reps to answer questions and give portfolio/career tips.
  • Youth-led moderated discussion- “How to design a youth media program.” Invite 6 youth to discuss their experiences participating in programs, how to include youth leadership in program design. What makes for a successful program…
  • Panel/Break Out sessions for educators. Now that you have the tools… how can media be used for analysis, organizing, youth development…

4-5 INSPIRATIONAL CLOSING – got ideas?!! Something that communicates the BIG IDEA/TAKE AWAY of the day!

If you have read this far, maybe you want to join the planning committee?

The youth committee will be meeting with Jeannine Cook and myself for 5 planning sessions until the event, and it would be great to have 2-3 PYMC members interested in participating in the planning process join us for some of those meetings! It could be you? Email Laura at phillyyouthmedia at if you’re interested.


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