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Erudition is not just a movie, it’s a movement.

August 22, 2013 by admin in Feature, PYMC Supported Projects

The following is an update from Lil Filmmakers, recent film production, Erudition.

image_1My name is Anissa Cooper and I am the director and writer of Erudition. Erudition is a dramatic thriller

about a war weary society that elects a new leader with unorthodox an approach to ending violence and poverty, with the banning of books and independent thinking.

Lil Filmmakers has been working on Erudition for two years and we are coming down to our last days of filming. The process of filming has been difficult, but then again what film process isn’t? However, thanks to the generous donation of PYMC and other donors we have been able to move through the process a little smoother.

I love making movies, I love entertaining, but the actual process of making a film is so much more than that. Not only do I get to make movies with people I respect but I learn lessons that will stick with me for a lifetime. Being a director means being a leader. It means having time management, working with different personalities and at the end of the day making sure what was supposed to get done, gets done. Of course I joke around and laugh with my actors, but when the time is right I have to do my best to get them to a certain place emotionally and bring them back. For four days every week for the past three months this has been my job. Everyone from our crew to our actors are all between the ages of eleven and seventeen. Over this past summer our lives have been this movie.

image_2Movies aren’t as made up as people would like believe, they tell real stories about real people, and if you look close enough you might see someone like you. Erudition was written with the idea in mind that knowledge is the starting point to fulfilling your destiny, and a fulfilled destiny brings happiness to people. In a way we answered an age old question. Erudition is not just a movie, it’s a movement.

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