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A collaborative production by ART FACTORY, PhillyCAM, and DECARCERATE PA

*documentation compiled by Althea Baird, ArtFactory

This summer, Art Factory collaborated with Decarcerate PA and PhillyCAM for six weeks to make three short stop-motion videos to help people realize the grand actuality of the Prison Industrial Complex. PhillyCAM was gracious enough to let us use their equipment and their space while we planned,

filmed, recorded and edited our 3 videos. Decarcerate PA helped us clear up the clouds by telling us more about what they do as well as the political and community results and consequences of mass incarceration. We hope that these pieces will shed light on the current situation, and inspire people to join the movement to stop the prison industry and reinvest in the community.




Prior to the completion of these 3 main projects, ArtFactory worked in 3 teams to create ‘animation in a day’ projects, practicing their techniques! Enjoy:

LINKS AND RESOURCES on the Prison Industrial Complex

Decarcerate PA Decarcerate PA is a grassroots campaign working to end mass incarceration in Pennsylvania. We demand that PA stop building

prisons, reduce the prison population, and reinvest money in our communities.

Youth Arts and Self Empowerment Project (YASP) YASP conducts art, poetry, music, and empowerment workshops at the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (P.I.C.C.) and Riverside Correctional Facility (R.F.C.) every Saturday with young people under 18 who are being tried as adults. We also show our documentary and do leadership building workshops at schools and colleges to teach youth about the flaws of the criminal justice system and how

to avoid a life of crime. YASP participates in rallies and demonstrations, and conducts door knocking campaigns for our petition to repeal or amend Act 33, the law that allows youth to be automatically charged as adults in PA.

PCAPS Coalition

The Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools (PCAPS) is comprised of students, parents and teachers with an unwavering commitment to improving Philadelphia’s school system. At its heart, this discussion about the future of our schools is a discussion about fairness. We want all Philadelphia schools – whether public or charter – to be adequately funded based on their need. PCAPS believes this is an opportunity for everyone with a stake in Philadelphia’s public education system – students, parents, teachers, advocates, charter operators, elected officials, the SRC and others – to refocus on a single goal: improving every school.

Reconstruction Inc.

Reconstruction was incorporated in 1992 by a group of activists involved in political struggle around community issues in general and criminal justice issues in particular. Initially, the organization sought to reduce the number of repeat offenders and to assist ex-offenders in their effort to become constructive contributors in their family and community. As the organization developed its scope was broadened

to include activities geared toward prevention, with members creating methods by which youth and families committed to our

mission could join and participate. Reconstruction also envisions neighbors in the greater Philadelphia area working together to acquire, maintain and add value to their homes, while building valuable relationships with others in the process. Reconstruction provides neighbors with the skills necessary for political, social and economic development which, in turn, supports the revitalization of the entire neighborhood and healthy relationships between neighbors.

The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC)

If you are tired of the criminal justice system, determined to never live in a cell again, focused on life, family, and community, then you are a potential TCRC client. If you are interested in living a life free from drama, if you never want to feel the click of steel bracelets around your wrists again, if you never want to look at your loved ones through a glass, talk on a monitored phone, if you never want to stand in line or eat commissary food, then you are ready to be a TCRC client.

A great book on the prison industrial complex:

The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander —

and of course: Art Factory – Norris Square Neighborhood Project PhillyCAM —

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