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PYMC General Meeting notes, September 17th

September 22, 2013 by admin in Meeting Notes

PYMC meeting notes // September 17th, 2013 @ YES Philly

We had a great turnout at our most recent monthly meeting, 16 people in attendance from 13 different organizations!

Standing Business:

  • We discussed the remaining project stipends, and will close out proposals by Sept 30th.

New Business

  • Urban Apps and Maps proposal. There have been several discussions with the Urban Maps and Apps lab regarding the possibility of working with PYMC to create a youth media map app/webpage. Urban Maps and Apps would design a development team, comprised of 3 High School students, a Temple student mentor and Temple professor to provide oversight. If PYMC can secure at least $2000, they can subsidize the rest of the cost to have a design team start on this project in the Fall, and move into the Spring. Within PYMC, we would create a committee or mechanism to offer feedback and be involved in the design process at each step. We discussed the possibilities and questions of such an app– Is it an archive of media, or a calendar of upcoming events? How would the database be geotagged? How do students upload media? Is there a forum or component for conversation- social media type profiles? Is it like Yelp for youth media? There was majority consent on moving forward with this proposal, so stay tuned.
  1. Location: Among the current choices on the table (PhillyCAM/ 7th& Mkt campus, YESPhilly,Convention Center Asian Arts), everyone seemed most interested in Asian Arts Initiative- both of the creative energy of the spaces, exposure to new resources and access to large open space.
  2. We discussed particular speakers/performers for different times throughout the day:
  • Morning- opening- wake up performance
  • Lunch – 5 presentations/performances 5 minutes- leave time at lunch to network. Invite a DJ?
  • Closing- presentation/performance

Some ideas included: Attia Taylor – WHYY & Girls Rock Philly Alum!; Annette John-Hall, Journalist, Metro (connected via Mighty Writers), Tyree Dumas, DollarBoyz. From Jr. Music Execs, we also got a great short list of performers and writers to consider. If you

have more ideas for presenters- please email Laura at: phillyyouthmedia at

A good point was made that we also have the Jan 25th event on the calendar at the Kimmel Center, to use as more of a showcase for performances… so we don’t need to book everyone at once!

3. Some suggestions on breakout sessions included: Having alumni speak about their path… session on Adolescent development, Invite Renee Hobbs to present on PVK and current media literacy work. We decided a CALL FOR PRESENTERS will go out to solicit ideas and proposals for individuals as well as organizations. If you are interested in presenting, please submit the following form:

4. Craig from WHYY will research the possibility of Act 48 credit

5. We got some good recommendations on food sponsors!

  • DECEMBER MINI RETREAT. A doodle will go out shortly to schedule a date in December for a PYMC strategic mini-retreat.
  • Announcements- these got cut short, due to our meeting running into the students’

    lunch, but wanted to mention:

    1. Check out the Community Collaborative’s new website!!!!
    2. We had a new meeting attendee, Beth Dyson from (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship)- Beth is based here in Philly, and eager to connect her work with the PYMC network. Beth can be reached at beth.dyson (at) .
    3. Art Factory will present their summer videos produced with PhillyCAM and Decarcerate PA this Tuesday 6pm at PhillyCAM:


OCTOBER 16th 10-11:30am. Rodney from Mural Arts invited us to meet at their studio space at the Asian Arts Initiative. Will confirm the location

as the meeting date approaches- for now, please mark your calendar.

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