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Monthly highlights from Mighty Post

October 7, 2013 by admin in Feature, Media Samples
The Mighty Post is an online forum where Philly teens can exchange ideas and evolve as writers. It’s a space for young people who seek conversations worth having: a community devoted to free expression and exceptional journalism. Mighty Post meets every Monday from 5-6PM at 1537 South Street.
All high school students are welcome.

Each month we will feature a selection of highlights from MIGHTY POST… enjoy…


By Saskia Kercy

Would Ernest Hemingway have been glad to see the youth of the twenty-first century gradually reciprocating the same ideals as the Lost Generation of the 1920s?

The Lost Generation, in literary terms, included all the war veterans of World War I who fled to Paris for some sort of

reprieve and escape from the chaos that was ongoing in their homelands. It was best described by Ernest Hemingway in his book, “The Sun Also Rises”, which captured the hard-drinking, fast-living lives of a generation whose morals and values were “lost” due to the devastation of the war. “This generation is all lost,” he said. But is it possible that we, too, are becoming a lost generation? Keep reading…


“The Tale of a Struggling Artist” By Josh Clements

By Josh Clements

“Being an up-and-coming artist today is the most fun stressful pursuit I can possibly think of.

I have been rapping for about four years now and I recently decided that I want to make it my full-time occupation. Now that I am getting serious with the music world, I constantly think about things like: “What should my next move be?” “How do I connect with this person?’ “How will I get my music out there for the masses?” Most of the time in school, I leave with several missed assignments and failed projects. The most common excuse would be because I am just a lazy dude that hates work, but it’s not true. I spend every night just pondering what my future will look like, studying other rappers’ styles, and writing new songs and I lose track of time.” Keep reading….

“How I Got Over My Hatred of Sports” By Audrey Kurtyan

By Audrey Kurtyan

I failed gym in middle school because I refused to participate in any of the activities: basketball, softball, kickball. I boycotted anything that ended in “ball.” When I graduated eighth grade, a friend in my class wrote in my yearbook: “You’re pretty cool. . . but you never participated in gym class!”

I’d always hated sports since I was little. I was introverted: more of the type of kid to stay home and read than go to practice. My mom forced me join tee-ball and a few weeks later, she let me quit because I whined so much.

Now, years later, I’m realizing that I wanted to quit and refused to play because I always told myself I wasn’t any good.

Keep reading…


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