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Updates on Erudition, Lil Filmmakers latest Feature Film

January 1, 2014 by admin in Feature, PYMC Supported Projects

Hi, my name is Jakim Lett and I am the writer and production manager of Erudition. Erudition is a sci-fi thriller about a country affected by a recent war that elect a new dictator, Lord Victor. Little did the people know, Lord Victor would ban books and all resources of knowledge in order to “help the people.” Erudition has been a work in progress for two years now and we are in our marketing and reshooting process. All great things take time and

so did Erudition. This movie is going to be such an amazing phenomenon because of the powerful message it radiates. Just by helping write Erudition, I know to never take knowledge and learning for granted. Thanks to the generous donation from PYMC and our other donors, Erudition has the potential to influence everyone about knowledge.

Since joining Lil Filmmakers five years ago, I have taken on a love for writing. The fact that just with a pen, paper, and imagination a story can be born is fascinating. I love that I could create a universe with just a thought. Writing has been my calling

for five years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I’m not just a writer; I am also Lil Filmmaker’s Production Manager. As Production Manager, it is my job to make sure that the cast, costumes, props, and most importantly the set is ready to be shot. I also love this job because of its help with my preparation skills. Being on set can sometimes get a little hectic because of all

the great personalities we have in our cast and crew. It’s my job to be the person constantly calm and collected and make sure others are as well. But of course, we have a lot of fun and crazy moments on set too. All in a days work.

Writing has also put the importance of storytelling in movies for me. Within any story, I find it important to make the audience see the settings and characters in their minds just by reading about them. Every single person has an imagination that aches to be used every second of every day, movies definitely helps. I’ve always loved movies, especially movies that made me think and imagine. Erudition not only makes you think, but also commands you to put your life into perspective. Erudition is a movie for the new generation of artists.

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