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PYMC Monthly Mtg: Maker Style!

February 12, 2014 by admin in Feature, Meeting Notes

This month’s PYMC Mtg was hosted by the Free Library of Philadelphia.
Rachel Fryd and Khaleef Aye introduced us to a series of maker-oriented activities.

chibitronics1-276x2081. Creating basic circuits.
Materials needed: small LED lights (available on amazon, sparkfun), copper tape, 3v Battery.
Using a simple template, we learned how to use copper tape to connect the positive end of the LED with the negative end of the Battery. Different patterns can be created with the tape and multiple lights… our designs were a little simpler than this one, but we definitely learned the concept and started to imagine all the possibilities. The Connected Messages project

created by the Library built on these basic principles. IMG_3456


2. Free Resources for video game design: and Gamestar mechanic. These are both super easy tools that can be used with students ages 6+. Students learn about creating goals for the game, these games are part of larger communities, so students can be inspired by other youth produced games.

3. Tools for the classroom: a free Photoshop substitute- great for

image editing and manipulation. a free software to create presentation animations – can be used with students to create resumes or share their work. We also discussed the various uses of QR Codes. QR Codes can be generated from websites like this: Using a QR code reader on a smartphone (downloaded as an app for iphone of android) the codes brings up whatever you linked it to (video, text, sound, etc.) These can be used creatively with student work, or on their business cards to share their portfolio.

4. Makey Makey was also demonstrated. This is a circuit board that can be programmed to make anything a controller. For example, you can make a controller out of play dough that is used for a video game, or to make music. Using you can program the Makey Makey to perform a series of responses.

Check out the tumblr page: to see these projects in action at the Library branches.


We spent the last part of the meeting discussing the planning of the Mashed Awards show. We decided that the jury will be composed of one youth rep from each organization. Each Mashed Crew member

will take the lead in a different category and work with an invited subject area ‘expert’ to design the rubric for judging.

Call for Submissions is open: We are asking each PYMC org to commit to submitting 5 entries for the event. Recognized individuals and organizations will be invited to ‘present’ different awards and offer recognition to the student work… Dates for jurying will be set in the first or second week of March.

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