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Project Stipends 2012-2013

PYMC is excited to offer Project Stipends to eligible member organizations in order to strengthen youth media resources and develop new youth media projects in Philadelphia.

For all project stipends, we ask that organizations agree to contribute 2 blog postings and documentation (photos, final project) from the activity for the PYMC website. We encourage youth to contribute to these postings, sharing their reflections and experiences.

Types of activities the stipend can be used for may include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitation/coordination of Peer to Peer workshops. These should be after 3pm to encourage participation by youth and teachers when appropriate.
  • Direct youth programming (workshops, master classes, events).
  • Professional Development opportunities for staff and youth (conferences, trainings, work opportunities).

All PYMC members are eligible to apply for project stipends. No more than $1,000 will be awarded per organization.  Applications will be reviewed every 2 months by the Steering Committee and the PYMC Coordinator. Stipends will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply, please submit a request with the following info:

1. In a few sentences, outline the proposed activity.
2. How will this stipend help support this activity?
3. How will youth benefit from this activity?
4. Will youth be involved in the planning of this activity?
5. How will the documentation and results of this project be shared back with the PYMC community?
6. What is your proposed implementation date?

All stipends must be used by August 1, 2013.

All final documentation must be submitted to the PYMC Coordinator one month after the implementation of the project.
Project Stipends are generously supported by The Philadelphia Foundation

Download this information as a pdf document here

Current Project Stipend Proposals & Documentation:


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