Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative

Youth Committee: Event Planners

The Youth Committee is a programming and youth leadership group within the Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative (PYMC).  The goal of the Youth Committee is to offer leadership and training opportunities to youth participants who will in turn work together to design and implement a series of activities and opportunities for youth across the city. We want to offer support and space for youth to organize events that foster collaboration and connection with their peers, and increase the visibility city-wide of youth media work. We have allocated a small portion of the budget for youth events; the advisory team will designate how these funds will be used.

Meet the Group:


Heather Amina Jonny. I’m currently a student at ccp. My major is special education with a minor in dance. I’m not in any other programs. I’m a creative person who imagines things in different directions. I’m also a cosmologist at home.


Brittany Crawford. I am interested in photography,poetry and film. I attend Yes Philly and I’m a member of Youth United for Change. I hope to take away from this experience communication skills and a more detailed understanding of the media field.



Andre Reed. Dre for short, I’m a student at University of the Arts majoring in animation, and have hopes of one day having my own hit cartoon show. I draw, work with cameras, and do a lot reading. I also intern in WHYY’s afterschool and summer programs helping other youth learn media production. What I hope to draw from this experience is to build my network and become apart of yours!



Hasinah Abdul-Rahman. Plans to major in fashion design. Currently studying at the Community College of Philadelphia. Listens to K-Pop. Loves cats and candy. Favorite color is pink. Involved with Mighty Writers as a Teen Scholar.


Kristine Keen. I am interested in creative arts, poetry and film. My art is my passion and life is my muse. I am currently a student involved in WHYY’s afterschool program and part of a Global Advocacy Leadership Series(GALS) program with Women’s Campaign International. I hope to build my own film studio from the ground up and help youth such as myself make their dreams of joining the film industry a reality.


Zyaira Fitzgerald. I am a senior at Girard College High School and will be entering college in the fall, majoring in Film. My biggest passions are Film and Music. I play five (working on six) instruments and spend most of my time listening to music, watching movies, and making both! I have participated in Girls Rock Philly as well as the Delphi Summer Teen film program.


De’Vonna DeBeary. My name is De’Vonna , I prefer to just be called Donna . I’m smart sweet and pretty cool . I can come off weird . I’m really nice . I’m open minded and helpful. I am a student at Bartram High School and participate in Education Works.


Terence Lewis. I’m 18 years old, 6’0, love to play basketball and make videos. I work with the POPPYN youth news program. I enjoy making people laugh. I can cook. God first, family second, then everything else.



Mary Simmons. Mary Simmons is a 23 year old former navy brat. She became a resident in Philadelphia 2001, where she attended the Philadelphia school district and YESPhilly. She is now a student at CCP, where she majors in Photographic Imaging. Her hopes are to be an established photographer, as well as videographer.




Sydney Bynum. I’m currently a senior at Constitution High School. I was first introduce to PYMC through the lovely people at WHYY Public Media Commons. In my leisure time I enjoy reading, music and film.



Marvin Devose. I am from Philadephia, the city where crime rates are so low and all the brothers love each other. I have recently graduated from South Philadelphia High School and now attend the Community College of Philadelphia, majoring in Video Production. On my free time I like to read, write, play sports and be incredibly lethargic. I’m a Senior Producer at Presenting Our Perspective on Philly Youth News (POPPYN).

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  • Notes for 9/13/13

    Ideas for warm up activities:

    • Sing Disney songs
    • Karaoke
    • Cupid shuffle
    • Sing Goodtimes
    • Trivia w/ prizes
    • Wall Questions

    Sponsors ideas:

    • Shoprite
    • Fresh Grocer
    • Pete’s Pizza
    • WURD Radio
    • Cred
    • WHYY
    • Phl17
    • OWN
    • SneakerVilla
    • Staples
    • Staples
    • Bindlestiff Bookstore
    • Co-op Grocery Store (48th Baltimore)
    • Arcadia
    • U. Arts
    • 40th Street Arcarde
    • Rave Movie Theater
    • Trader Joe’s
    • McDonalds
    • Checkers
    • Blick
    • Utrecht
    • African American Museum
    • Pretzel Factory


    • Capa
    • Girard College
    • Phila Performing arts
    • The attic
    • Asian Arts Initiative
    • Institute for the A.A Youth Inc.
    • Lehigh Valley HS for Arts
    • U. Art
    • Moore
    • Art Institute
    • Art Museum
    • PEC
    • Free Library
    • PSU
    • BPA
    • Philly Youth Radio
    • Pcam
    • Poppyn
    • Scribe
    • Spiral
    • WHYY
    • YESPhilly
    • Lil Film
    • Norris Center for Media


  • photo from Tumblr

    Following all of our main performers, we had an open mic. Also very talented youth! 6/29/13

  • photo from Tumblr

    All of our performers from our big Finale event. They all did an amazing job. 6/29/13

  • photo from Tumblr

    It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a picture. But here is most of the crew, except Hasinah, after our meeting on 6/14/13. We have a lot to work on. Event in 11 more days!!!!

  • notes 6/14

    3 - 5 pieces of art for special artist

    Wear Positive Minds Shirt and Badges

    Prize for organization that send the most youth: gift card, certificate?

    $75 each for winning team on a gift card

    For event: 

    • Art creating space
    • Phila Pretzelz
    • Water
    • Soda
    • Chips

  • Notes from May 31 mtg

    Point people for artist teams:

    Mary: Dom/William

    Brittany: Dan/Tonnie

    Hasinah: Brittany/Unkemp

    Sydney: Koby/Tyreese

    Laura: Jai/Richard/Angela

    * Also presenting visual arts: Britt Britt, HahaHaJu, Manila Mareli

    CALL TIME 4pm

    Rehearsal to be scheduled the week before

    NEED TO CHANGE THE DATE, SAT June 29th was recommended.

    Stage names of artists: William ‘Lyrikal’ Robinson, Jai Hodges of the Renaissance

  • 5/31/13 rough draft of program

    6pm doors open
    Pass out programs ( in programs there will be a voting sheet. )
    Audience has time to look at gallery pieces, listen to music, eat.

    6:30 show starts. MC or Host can introduce what this is all about.
    Mc/ host reminder that this is people’s choice.

    Then introduce the first group.

    1. Dan & Tone (10min).

    2. Musical trio (10min).

    Q&A (15-20)

    3. Britt and Unkempt Fashion Show (10min)

    Q&A (10min)

    15 minute Intermission

    4. Koby and Tyreese (10min)

    5. Will and Dom (10min)

    Q&A (15-20min)

    DJ plays music for about 10minutes for audience to decide on a winner.

    Tally up votes

    MC/host gives gratitude to everyone who participated..then announces the winner.

  • photo from Tumblr
  • photo from Tumblr
  • photo from Tumblr

    4/26/13 with just one week away from our mixer. We went over our agenda again, but also had to throw in a mini rehearsal as part of our roles in being facilitators! A feeling of nervousness and excitement!

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